The Indonesian government is currently drafting a regulation that included palm oil plantations into forest category. This legislation would create a crisis of habitat destruction and biodiversity of animals and the forests and peatlands will berkenjutan uncontrollably.

Greenpeace rejected the proposed laws with banners spread out in the Forestry Department building that reads “Plantations are not forests” (not the forest plantation). Not just Greenpeace who reject the legislation, environmental organizations and civil society had rejected the plan rules.

If the estate eventually included in the category of forest, it is feared will lead to increasingly large emissions from forest and peat land which is currently very large, with Indonesia the third largest state emitter. The high level of consumption of CPO (Crude Palm Oil) and plan the use of Biofuels in the international markets makes perluasaan and peat forest destruction in Indonesia.

“Zulkifli Hasan Minister must immediately cancel all plans to include in the category of forest plantations and began to focus on how to protect Indonesia’s forests remaining biodiversity, and people whose lives depend on forests. If this plan passed, the damage will be devastating forests and the minister will responsible for the failure of Indonesia to meet emission reduction commitments that have been made President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, “Joko said Arif, Jurukampanye Forests Greenpeace Southeast Asia.

Indonesia is currently in first position as the country with the fastest rate of deforestation throughout the world, and the State’s third-largest emitter in the world. What has been the catapult President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at an international forum on Indonesia’s commitment to cut emissions by 26% in 2020 and 41% with international support should be supported by action or an actual policy to maintain the remaining natural forests.

But that is currently happening tersu government supports the opening of new plantations and allow large industries such as the Sinar Mas and APRIL destroy forests.

International world will see if Indonesia really has a commitment to maintain the forest. Funds from international countries will come in line with Indonesia concrete steps. Promoting forest plantations as is something contrary to the commitments President SBY. Concrete steps that the government must do is to do a moratorium (pause slash) to overcome the bad effects of climate change and protect the people who depend on forests. The moratorium is the most effective way.

Some environmental organizations such as WALHI, Sawit Watch and Forest WATCH has sent an open letter to the minister of forestry and the European Union’s ambassador to warn them of the danger of a wrong plan of this regulation.


Pessimism of the green efforts in Jakarta developed among office workers. For individuals who are building dozens of floors, whether there could be done to care for the earth? After all, the use of air conditioning, electricity and water are controlled from the central. Therefore, many think, the majority of the workers eventually could only ‘quiet’

However, some workers did not break the charcoal. They want and they can be. Who says can not save the earth from the workplace? This nuance was in the Jakarta Green Office Award 2009 in the FX Plaza, Wednesday (25/11). Six winners rejoice because of his efforts also led to care about the earth millions of dollars bonus.

There are four things they routinely do in the office, which is reminiscent saving water, electricity, and paper. For the latter, it is supported by the policy office. Approximately 80 percent of the paper is to recycle used paper. The rest for internal printing. They even had to use back and forth, he said. “Well, that was not used again, it was destroyed. Paper which has been destroyed to be used again because of our packaging cosmetics company, yes,” said the veiled woman is.

To save electricity, they were always keen to volunteer a reminder for other colleagues to turn off the computer monitor every going to go to lunch. They usually go to remind each at 11:50. In addition, they are also categorization of volunteer efforts so that there are four garbage bin, the bin for plastic, paper, food or wet garbage and bottles, cans and plastic either.


Who does not know Albert Einstein, the genius who called one of the most genius person in the world. The theory of relativity which produces truly bring change in the world, one of which is the Atomic Bomb on Japan in World War II.

But the theory of relativity not only be in use in the science of math or physics but also in the social science community. When someone says that he deserves to be something or he deserves to be a leader then it still is relative, that is how strong our faith in something we have yet to understand that other people do not necessarily equal to us or may not be as sure with the leadership of our. All our beliefs are still relatively tersbeut.

In love, our feelings toward others are still relative because we must also consider the feelings of others. If you think of our minds that we’ve shown so much love to others, but if the person feels the love we give unproven or not it truly is the love we are nothing.

Every human being should not despair when the goal is not achieved or because keiginanannya than the power we have we also still have to depend on the responses of others.

Hopefully useful.

Discard Food


In a news released by the BBC, news stations in the UK, in May 2008 and, each year about 3.6 million tonnes of food thrown away in England and Wales. This data is staggering. Especially when added similar data from different countries, the amount of discarded food in the whole world would be substantial. This data is very pathetic, considering that in the midst of so much food was wasted, there are still so many people who live in hunger.

If every human being getting used to enjoy food in moderation, not the number of people starving in the world will be reduced? For excess food that we were able to buy, could be channeled to the needy. This idea could be realized if we start it. The way to measure our needs and eat sufficiently. No excessive, so as not to waste food. With a willingness to share with others. How beautiful, if in this world, the more willing to recruit the less, so there is a balance


True Happiness


according to you, Whre is the Countries have the happiest people in the world? United States? Neither. China? Neither. United Arab Emirates? Nor. According to a survey conducted Adrian White of the University of Leicester, England, the most populated country in the world happy is Danish. Number two in Switzerland. After that, Austria. Indonesia was ranked 64th. This is still better than, for example, Thailand (76), China (82), Japan (90), South Korea (102), and India (125).

What is the key to happiness Danish people? According to the survey, the Danish people generally live with a sense of enough. They are not as rich as the Americans or the Japanese, but they are always grateful for what you have. In addition they tend to have a realistic wish, never expect things. This makes each small success can make them so happy. If you fail, they are usually more receptive and will try again. We may also experience happiness, even if our lives mediocre, not as good as secermelang or others, if we want to learn to replenish yourself and always be thankful with what is ours. Thanks